Today was meter reading day.

Clyde & Lois V., Kansas

Our electric utility bills have certainly been showing change! Today was meter reading day, and we used 1000 fewer units then the same time last year. I am not looking forward to cutting off the city utility but greatly reducing our dependence on them. It has required some minor changes in life style, for instance washing clothes in the middle of the day on "sunny days". 

Lois certainly supports the idea of renewable energy. She just turned on the dishwasher so she could use solar heated water and solar power. We do not anticipate getting financial help from the roof mounted solar system for many years, but what a warm feeling we get knowing where much of the electric power and water heating is coming from. Congratulations to you for showing us the way.

(Clyde & Lois own a 4.6kW Grid-Tied Solar Electric System)