We want to stay in this home forever

Lloyd & Jill A., Missouri

My husband and I found Stitt Energy Systems at a St. Louis Home Show, where we were researching companies with knowledge in energy efficiency.  In 1992, homes were being built to look pretty, but no one cared about energy efficiency or quality (or so it seemed to me as I went to watch other homes being constructed). We decided to go forward with Stitt — they were experienced, and we felt good about those we met when we visited their office. 
The process began with a site visit so that Stitt would know our land and be able to design the most efficient home for us. The designer listened to us during the planning stage so we were not surprised when our home met our expectations in design and quality. But we were surprised how well our home performed that first year.  It was designed to flood the home with the winter sun and retain that warmth, and in the summer we could enjoy the view but no summer sun even hit our window sills.  The benefit is even more than having LOW UTILITY BILLs, as we feel better enjoying the sun and nature.  We want to stay in this home forever.