Energy Products

Ready to ‘go solar’ or improve the efficiency of your new or existing home? Check out the links below for products and services to reduce your energy bills and make your home more eco-friendly.

Solar Electric Systems

There's nothing like making your own electricity from sunlight! It's a feeling of independence - of making a difference - of being a part of the solution to climate change. Click here to see what type of solar electric system is best for you.

Solar Water Heating Systems

The first commercial solar water heater was sold in California in the 1890s, and after more than a century of improvements, they are by far the best way to heat water safely, reliably, and without polluting the environment. See how solar water heating can reduce your energy bills here.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

Use ICFs to insulate a new foundation or build an entire house - the choice is yours. ICFs save time and money, provide structural resilience during storms, and contribute to an efficient, waterproof energy shell. Learn more about ICFs here

Ice House Roof®

Reduce attic temperatures and save energy by installing Stitt Energy Systems' Ice House Roof between roof rafters. This passive roof-cooling technique can be used in new or existing homes. Learn more here.