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About the Book

Testing proves most houses being built today are not as energy efficient as they could be. Yet most builders will answer "Yes" when asked if they build energy efficient homes. Without studying energy efficient housing scientifically, how can you tell you are getting the energy efficient home you want?

Holistically Green Homes has the answer! It clearly defines 18 principles to help you understand and compare the efficiency of homes and competency of builders. The 18 principles bring the “Holistically Green” concept to life. and explain how energy efficiency begins with personal commitment. A qualified green builder ensures the remaining principles are included in your new home, and independent testing verifies performance.

Holistically Green Homes includes examples and case studies that highlight financial benefits and considerations. Yes, it does cost a bit more to build a house that is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and structurally resilient. But the facts show that a well-designed and efficient home is more economical to live in than a non-efficient home—beginning with the first month's utility bills. It is also a better overall investment, paying future dividends in higher resale value and long-term utility savings.

Holistically Green Homes will give you the knowledge and confidence to make sound decisions for your new home!